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Monday, 30 January 2012


I didn't intend to use my blog to bask in the reflected glory of my fabulously talented children
(though I admit I AM button-popping proud of them).

But my youngest produced this the other day and, oh my Lord, my heart squeezed up so tight.

'Joy' is my middle name. 'Hope' was our wee girl's name. And 'love', of course, LOVE is what holds us together and connects us all.

Sometimes I think that he is closer to his sister than I am. Often I feel she is so far away. 

And I need the simple, clear sight of a nine-year old to help me to see things.

So, thank you, little man. This means the world to me. It will go in my box of treasures.

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  1. What a precious and beautiful gift. I'm glad he shared his vision with you... and I'm glad you shared it with us, too.