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Thursday, 29 March 2012

spring forward

The clocks go forward to British Summer Time and all of a sudden Spring comes hurtling,
pell-mell, into full view.

All the flowers have gone a bit doolally this week, bursting out all over the place:

We've had a week of unbroken sunshine. I'm a glass half-empty girl, convinced that all this sunshine now will use up our miserly quota for the year and there won't be any left for Summer.

Husband (glass half-full) says it's like tossing a coin - just because the first 99 times are heads, doesn't mean the 100th one will be. Sunshine now doesn't necessarily mean no sunshine for Summer. We'll see.

It's been warm enough to eat outside, almost unheard of in March.

my glorious friend Sue and I catching some rays yesterday lunchtime

I'd love to say this is my back garden, but it isn't:

my youngest, doing what boys do best

Thank you, my Lord, for a beautiful day.


  1. Well, wherever that is, it is a beautiful place! (Love the tulips)

  2. Glad you've fixed your computer woes! Looking forward to more of your sweet and bright presence here...

  3. My husband and I are preparing for our trip to England and Scotland for our 22nd anniversary and wondering how we should pack. It looks like it is still cool but you have given me some insight into the beauty we look forward to seeing. Thanks so much for your heartfelt comment today, really appreciate it.