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Thursday, 15 December 2011

I'm not ready

We're over half-way through Advent and I'm not ready.

The tree is bought but still in the back garden.

Some of the lights are up. Some, this year, don't work.

The candles are lit when it gets dark (I love my little angel peeking out from behind)

I've even put up some baubles (my son said this twig looked like reindeer antlers so I couldn't resist bringing it home)

When I went to the shops and saw everyone else bustling about, loaded up with bags and bags of stuff, I felt very un-ready. They all seemed to have it taped.

I really needed to remind myself that it's all the imperfections in my life that make me human. That being frayed around the edges and a bit ramshackle here and there is a good thing. That the BEST Nativity plays are the ones with old checked teatowels tied round little heads and Mary dangling baby Jesus by one foot.

all the extras are just that - extras

I never feel I'm 'ready', for anything

and I'm pretty sure God doesn't mind


  1. i love the way you think. and i love those "reindeer antlers" with the little ornaments on them :)

  2. just stopping in again to thank you for your kind comment and thoughts on my recent post about my illness...blessings to you and your family for a happy Christmas and new year...